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We have been working with Serve Legal since 2014 and they have helped us significantly in combating illegal dissemination in the UK and Ireland. Their knowledge, expertise, and solid audit, coupled with the timely provision of breach data, generated over 8,000 leads. This provided valuable advice to our sales representatives and investigation team to defend our investment in exclusive sports content. Serve Legal has always complied with the agreed KPIs. A simple and effective test to ensure that employees follow the Think 21/Challenge 25 guidelines to prevent minors from selling age-restricted products. We help large companies verify that key operational and compliance standards are in place across their organization. We have been working with Serve Legal since 2009 and they have helped us significantly reduce our risk with age-limited sales. They have played a key role in monitoring our risk for an age-restricted product range. Their knowledge, speed of service, and flexibility in data delivery help us refine our training and inform our future approach to compliance. We have been working with Serve Legal since 2008. During this time, they carried out over 14,000 audits in all our stores in Scotland, the North of England and Northern Ireland.

Several stores are located in very remote areas, as far north as Wick and Thurso. Serve Legal has always been able to visit any store we requested, no matter how difficult the location. Audit reports are always delivered accurately and in a timely manner and the management team takes a proactive approach and is always looking for ways to improve service to their clients. We would not hesitate to recommend Serve Legal to others. Test if your company is following allergen guidelines and if allergy sufferers feel taken care of. Serve Legal`s information is extremely useful, informative and well presented. Issues with sites that don`t use Challenge 25 can now be resolved with evidence of their failures. I am very satisfied with the conduct of the investigations and appreciate the detailed information. Being a Serve Legal Compliance Auditor is a flexible, part-time role that is ideal for integrating into and around your other job or study. There is no requirement to do the job every week, and talented auditors can move into leadership positions within the organization.

Everything you need is dedicated and reliable, motivated and ready to explore your surroundings! We regularly use Serve Legal to test our compliance with age-restricted sales. These include tobacco and the recently introduced ban on tobacco supply. They provide a reliable and efficient service within the agreed deadlines and with very few data errors. They are able to quickly provide accurate analysis of our data, which helps us in our future training and testing programs. Using an independent mystery shopping service like Serve Legal shows local authorities that I take the issue of underage sales seriously. Due diligence is invaluable and played an important role in defending my license at a recent licensing hearing.

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